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Wheelchairs To Warriors

The Valkyrie Initiative’s Wheelchairs To Warrriors program is supported and funded by Elrod Mobility of Bessemer Alabama. The owner and staff are  knowledgeable about this equipment and care about meeting your needs. Please contact them with any needs you have for mobility equipment.


Through The Valkyrie Initiative, Elrod Mobility provides chairs, free of charge to veterans and first responders who have not been able to obtain them otherwise.

There are reasons that people need wheelchairs, even those covered by insurance and the VA. Sometimes, it’s because the wait is so long, the client’s quality of life suffers. Other times, the client may not meet every single requirement set down by these agencies in order to obtain a chair, but they may still have trouble walking over a distance which allows for meeting their needs, providing for family, or attending family gatherings, watching kids play ball, or another important event.

If you meet the requirements, proof of veteran status or having been a first responder, and have a significant issue with walking for any length of time, Valkyrie and Elrod Mobility can help!


In Florida, The Valkyrie Initiative worked with the VA to have a deck built on the home of a U.S. Marine Corps veteran for accommodating the Elrod chair. The more we work together, the faster our progress in helping those who have sacrificed so much for our way of life. 
After the client has been approved for a wheelchair, and the appropriate chair prepared, then it is protected and beautified by Jay McFarland, owner of Jay’s Hydrographics in Bessemer, Alabama. Jay can coat anything!  He has hydrocoated two of my weapons, shown here. A patriot and an old school craftsman, Jay is the man to go to for anything needing hydrocoating. https://www.jayshydrographics.com/


A few years ago, veteran of three wars lived in a nursing home in Georgia.


His granddaughter contacted us with the facts that his wife had been placed in an Alzheimer’s wing all the way across the home’s grounds and he could no longer walk the distance from his room to hers. He had been in the habit of seeing her for meals three times a day and it broke his heart that he could no longer do this. He did not meet the criteria for a wheelchair from other sources because he had some, although limited, mobility.
But, we at The Valkyrie Initiative, felt he was a definite candidate for a chair because of being separated from his wife of many years by his limitations, particularly his inability to walk that distance. Elrod Mobility agreed and we were able to supply him with a chair, with which, after sharing his war storied with Rich Braverman, Army Airborne, picture above with our 3 war vet, he sped down the hall toward his wife’s room like a much younger man.  The smile on his face was more than enough reward for Rich, who had personally driven the chair from Bessemer, AL to this veteran’s home in Georgia.


     Hydro-coated pistols from

        Jay’s Hydrographics