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How Can You Get Involved?


  • Skill-based volunteering:

  • Do you have skills that would benefit veterans, first responders or their families? If so contact us today and tell us how you can help make the lives of these warriors and their families better! Whether giving your service, training, educational knowledge to help build Valkyrie’s infrastructure (bookkeeping, attorney services, media distribution skills, videography skills, office skills and management, IT skills, etc) or providing services, free or at reduced fees to participants, or providing training and education such as weapons training, self-defense classes, specialty item production, teaching writing/journalism and things such as these are just a few that you can make a difference in someone’s life!
  • Service-learning programs:

  • Does your school or university allow credits for working with organization in an internship? We would love to talk to you about doing your program with “The Valkyrie Initiative”.
  • Corporate volunteering:

  • Many corporations allow their employees to perform volunteer using hours allocated for weekly or monthly volunteering. This could take place in a community or online virtually. Many tasks can be done at a distance on a computer. If you have skills, dedication and desire to contribute to something outside of yourself, work with “The Valkyrie Initiative” or without, corporate volunteering hours. The rewards are remarkable.
  • Nonprofit Partnering:

  • Are you a nonprofit whose mission is similar to our at “The Valkyrie Initiative”? We may be able to work together in many areas for the good of the population we both service. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can align ourselves to help benefit our warriors!
  • The synergy produced when nonprofits work together cannot be matched by an organization working alone. Some organizations have viewed the nonprofit world in a skewed manner, taking a view from the progressive side of the aisle. They seem to believe that there is one pie, with only so many pieces available to everyone. Because of this, they hoard their piece, believing that if I get into the market and begin to acquire a piece, theirs will be smaller, or that I will lessen their ability to gather more pieces.
  • Nothing could be further from the truth. We know that, in this country we make our own pies and we can make as many of them and in as large in size as we want! In the nonprofit world, one way we can do this is by using each other’s resources, contacts and even facilities as well as services. I let you use my range and you let me use your indoor training facility. We can market together, do projects together and decide among ourselves how each can benefit from the partnership. Let’s stop fighting among ourselves and come together to help war-fighters and first responders. WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!

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