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Valkyrie Sponsors & Partners

Do you have a heart for veterans and first responders?  Do you appreciate those who have stood on the line between the U.S. and tyranny (veterans) and those who’ve stood on the front lines here at home (police, fire fighters, EMT personnel)?  If you do, sponsor or partner with The Valkyrie Initiative to help these people and their families with issues of stress reduction and reintegration to private life.

  • Sponsoring The Valkyrie Initiative’s programs, events, and/or iHeart Radio/Webcast events will provide your organization or business with name visibility in front of hundreds of people, branding you as veteran/first responder friendly and supportive. Valkyrie reaches veterans and first responders with  speakers, vendors, exhibits of modalities used for education, training and stress reduction/PTSD, as well as food, games, music groups, demonstrations, celebrity book signings, SWAT operations exhibits, giveaways, and live/silent auctions, and other prizes.
  • Partnering with Valkyrie or sponsoring our projects and programs, as well as purchasing ads for play on iHeart Radio will result in your name and products/services being listed on all our material and promotions, so that every time anyone goes to our pages, your sponsorship will be there…every time Sheila steps on a stage or in front of a group or organization, you will be there also.


  • With different levels of sponsorship, your name will appear on our website and on each book in the series, as well as on a plaque on the property, identifying you as a founding supporter or partner.


  • A tax deductible donation of 500.00 will result in a listing in the programming of the event and in the book series as contributors.  Those donating 1000.00, and 1500.00 will receive that listing as well as one on the credits of the song and video.  Those contributing 2000.00 or more will have all the former exposure plus a listing on a plaque at the property as founding sponsors and a place on the website.


  • Those who contribute 5,000.00 or more will be listed as founders and partners in all communication and on all sites, in all speaking engagements and radio/TV spots.  Sheila L Stephens’ Battlefield Home iHeart Radio/Webcast, along with co-host Willis Parr, Army Corpsman assigned to Marine Units, educate the community about issues warriors and first responders face and provides real, evidence-based solutions.
  • Partners will be showcased in the above areas and at every radio spot.
  • We also hope to have you alongside us in other ventures as we grow, helping those who have stood on the front lines between our nation, our people, and tyranny, both home and abroad.

We have so much planned, we look forward to your sponsorship or partnering with us for years to come!  The synergy of our association will propel us forward in our efforts to help veterans and first responders!  Thanks so much!


Wolf Creek Hand Sanitizer & Hawg Engineering

This sanitizer is manufactured under the strictest guidelines in the business. Wolf Creek, of North Alabama, was called by SynCardia in Arizona to produce hand sanitizer quickly in the face of the recent pandemic.

SynCardia is the world’s only manufacturer of artificial hearts and has been making hearts for over 20 years. When the need for hand sanitizer became greater, SynCardia stepped up and decided to fill the need. Their manufacturing processes and guidelines, along with strict quality controls, coupled perfectly with Wolf Creek’s decades long production of alcohol, which ensures that you get the highest quality, purest product available on the market today!

Due to the high demand of sanitizer worldwide Wolf Creek is working hard to keep up with demand. Once bottled, the FDA requires all orders to be held 72 hours prior to shipping, in order to ensure purity and quality. ALL FDA and WHO specifications are followed and the company is registered with the FDA. Our Sanitizer is made with 80% alcohol for best performance in the killing the COVID-19 virus. It is also liquid and fast drying and is great for general purpose cleaning and sanitizing as well. The best part is that it is easy on the skin.

Hawg Engineering

Cullman, AL

This is the place to go when you need to have your over the road vehicle taken care of.

See GSarge Hawg at:



Judy Wilkins Smith- Houston, TX

Judy Wilkins Smith, one of only a handful of people in the U.S. certified to train trainers in Integrative Systems Dynamics and Emotional Genetics, one of the modalities available at The Valkyrie Initiative for Judy Wilkins Smithdealing with issues of integration and decompression from downrange, and someone who speaks and trains all over the world, Judy has become a sponsor of The Valkyrie Initiative. Her clients include individuals, groups, businesses and ‘Fortune 50’ corporations!  She is already a consultant/trainer with Valkyrie and will conduct workshops there, along with myself and others who’ve been trained by this exceptionally gifted professional.


Grunt Style

Joseph M Land’s Camp Liberty-Vinemont, AL

Joseph M Land’s Camp Liberty sponsored the September 24th, 2018 event at the highest level of sponsorship.  We are looking forward to their facility being the spot for more events, informing you of our programs, introducing you to our trainers and consultants, and our cutting edge programs designed to improve performance of mind/body/spirit.  Amazing generosity Joseph M Land!  Thank you

This will also be the property on which Valkyrie will conduct training, education and other programs to help vets and first responders decompress from downrange and smoothly reintegrate into the home environment.  There will also be programs for their families as well as the public.


John Galletta Owner Brothers & Arms USA

John Galletta of Brothers & Arms USA in conjunction with DS Arms Inc. (Aerospace Defense) built an AR-15 with a special trigger for The Valkyrie Initiative’s Launch Party and Celebration of Michael Adam’s Life at our 2018 event. John’s clothing line is hugely successful and in many stores near you…Academy Sports for example…and DS Arms builds the finest firearms and accessories while providing the highest level of customer service. Their generosity is unmatched and greatly appreciated. We’re happy to have them partnered with The Valkyrie Initiative!

DS ARMS, Facebook


Brothersand Arms USA, Facebook







Dr. Parker Velargo – New Orleans, LA

Dr. Parker Velargo is an exceptional surgeon and co-founder of the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in New Orleans, LA.  A member of a national program, Faces of Honor, partnering with The Valkyrie Initiative, Dr. Velargo will offer his services for disfigured or injured veterans and first responders who meet the criteria.  He was recently featured on a national TV show because of his ability to create ears for newborns without surgery…if treatment is initiated within the first 3 weeks of life.

New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

Elrod Mobility – Bessemer, AL

Elrod Mobility – Jerry Elrod and his son have partnered with The Valkyrie Initiative to provide 5 to 6 motorized wheelchairs a year to veterans and first responders who need them.  One has already been delivered to a four war veteran in Georgia and second is being readied to send to a female veteran in Florida.  Elrod Mobility…a family owned and operated business is large enough to serve yet small enough to care. We see their caring and are honored to have been chosen to get these chairs to the deserving community.


Jay’s Hydrographics – Bessemer AL

Hydrographics, also called hydrocoating and hydrodipping, is a recent technological breakthrough that lets Jay’s Shop give a unique finish to nearly any surface.

Jay can give anything, from handguns to golf carts, a new finish that looks like it just came from an expensive airbrushing shop – at a fraction of the price. Jay’s Shop features more than 1,000 different designs that we can apply to surfaces including wood, plastic, steel and aluminum.

Jay has stepped up to hydrodip the wheelchairs given by Jerry Elrod to our veterans and first responders, providing a cool, contemporary look to any chair or prostetic device. In fact, Jay dipped Noah Galloway’s prosthetic leg, as photographed in Men’s Health.

Jay’s Hydrographics – Facebook

Jay’s Hydrographics Website


Check back for more sponsors and a list of products they’ve offered for promotion.