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The Valkyrie Initiative

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Volunteers – the lifeblood of The Valkyrie Initiatiative. Please fill out our application and return so that we may consider your place on our team. Whatever your gifts or skills, they are important and will be  useful.

Written letters of recommendations for reliables and effective volunteers!
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Internships are available in a limited number. Fill out the Internship form and we will contact you about serving in a capacity that can provide work experience, letters of recommendation to future employers and possible  CEUs.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of veterans and first responders, we have a place for you.
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Our Sponsors are increasing at a rapid pace. If you’d like to brand your business or yourself as veteran-friendly, and if you wish to contribute to the wellbeing of these men and women, we welcome your support of our programs. There are ad spots on Valkyrie Radio NOW!

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Programs and Events

Check out our Events/Workshop pages for programs happening now and in the future.

Valkyrie speakers’ availability and their topics of expertise are listed here. This page is updated regularly for your information.
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Who We Serve

Our mission is to strengthen and empower veterans, first responders and their families by providing education, information, and programs that build on existing knowledge and skills and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills for increasing wellness and performance, all from a mind/body/spirit perspective, while facilitating connections with the business community, the public, and other nonprofits. Click the link for more information!



Would you like to obtain work experience, learn about the operation of nonprofit organizations, and receive satisfaction for your work and time? The Valkyrie Initiative has a place for you. Internships will provide work experience and letters of recommendations for future employers, along with possible CEUs.  Fill out form.

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